Grocery Store Tour

Learn how to navigate your favorite shopping spot and make healthy, budget-friendly choices

Does grocery shopping feel like a boring chore or an overwhelming task? In my grocery store tour, I’ll show you how to get the most bang for your buck while filling your cart with healthful foods for your fridge and pantry.

During the tour, you’ll learn:

  • How to correctly read labels - what to look for and what to avoid

  • When it’s OK to not buy organic

  • How to choose the best meats, eggs, and produce - and why

  • How to shop seasonally for produce

  • How to get comfortable with shopping so you get in, get out, and don’t overspend

Investment: $97 for one hour, $147 for 90 minutes

Kitchen Makeover

Transform your kitchen into a healthy space

Hate to break it to you, but your fridge and cabinets probably need some help. In my personalized kitchen visit, we’ll whip your kitchen into shape.

You’ll learn:

  • What basic ingredients should always be in your pantry and fridge to create healthy, easy meals

  • How to properly store produce and perishable items so they last long

  • How to arrange your space so you’re more prone to healthy habits

  • Ways to gain control over your meal planning so you aren’t rushed for time when you cook or eat

Bonus! You'll also get a Glow Getter Kitchen Kit, which has some of my favorite tools for storing and preparing food.

Investment: $247 for two hours

Kitchen Makeover Plus

Transform your kitchen + Learn how to cook like a pro

Get your kitchen in shape so you’re primed to eat healthy, and also learn some cooking basics that will jump-start your success. This package includes:

  • Everything in the Kitchen Makeover, plus:

  • A lesson in cooking “the basics” in a fast and delicious way

  • How to feel comfortable navigating your kitchen tools and appliances

  • Finding a cooking rhythm that works best for you - you’ll learn how much to cook and when, plus how to store it all for the longest shelf life

Investment: $297 for three hours