A holistic approach to The Good Life.

Hi, I'm Candace! 


I’m a certified holistic health coach, a certified Spinning ® and Insanity® Live instructor, and an avid cyclist. Through my combined pursuits, I’ve helped people lose hundreds of unwanted pounds, reach new fitness heights, and improve chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

That’s all cool. But I feel like I should tell you...

I was not always a Glow Getter.

Years ago, I was forty pounds overweight, trapped in a corporate career that was sucking my soul, and just generally unhappy. I walked around with a constant, unshakable feeling of wanting more, and although I tried to make small changes to improve my situation, I couldn’t break the cycle of weight gain and depression.

I decided I needed a total reset.

Willing to see what the universe had to offer me, I quit my job (good riddance), packed my bags, and hit the road. My experiences over the next year were life-changing. I studied yoga and meditation in an ashram by the ocean. I jumped off cliffs into waterfalls and ziplined through mountains in Costa Rica. I climbed Mayan ruins and went on fishing expeditions in Mexico. I covered my head and bared my feet to step on holy grounds in Istanbul, praying in a sacred place as others had done before me for hundreds of years. I rode camels in Abu Dhabi and belly danced with native women until the wee hours of the night in the middle of the desert. And finally, when I was ready, I came home.

When I returned to my life in the States, while everything around me remained virtually the same, I was a totally different person, both physically and mentally. The people and experiences I’d encountered in the past year taught me lessons on what it meant to find joy in the simplest things in life, how real food could fulfill my body in ways that nothing in a drive-thru ever could, and how movement made me feel strong, empowered, and ready to take on each new day.

Hit with these revelations, I knew I had to learn more. I enrolled in nutrition school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and learned over 100 dietary theories, and I became a human guinea pig as I tried many on myself to see what worked best. Yearning to be back in nature, I started driving less and chose to ride my bike around town to more fully enjoy my surroundings. My increased thirst for activity led me to trying other forms of movement, and (dare I say it?) a love of exercise.

Today, I feel and look better than I ever have before.

Through a style of eating and moving that comes naturally to me, I’ve lost the extra 40 lbs I was dragging around that had been contributing to my unhappiness. More importantly, however, is what I gained: my purpose.

After experiencing my own journey back to wellness, I knew I had to share what I’d found with others: the feeling of glowing from the inside out. I’ve learned that getting healthy not only looks good, but feels good, and feeling good inspires people to get the most out of life, in whatever way that looks to them. Learning how to live life more healthfully was the greatest gift I’d ever given myself, and now I want to share that gift with you.

So, what do you say...are you ready to get glowing?

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