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Pan Seared Cajun Shrimp

Growing up, I HATED seafood. This was quite a conundrum, as I'm from the DC area, and it's a pretty big deal around here. My entire family loved it -- we would have full seafood feasts at gatherings with tables loaded up with shrimp, clams, oysters, blue crabs, and fried fish. They'd top all that off with a nice green salad, and at the time (in my mind) I was allergic to vegetables. It was a total nightmare lol. My mother would often be nice and buy me a two piece from Popeyes (with red beans and rice!), which was my absolute fave. God bless her.

Today, I eat seafood in some form at least once a week. One of my favorite to prepare is shrimp, because it cooks super quickly and is great for weeknight meals. Here, I share a Cajun variation. I hope you love it!

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