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Keto Breakfast Roundup

So you like to eat breakfast? You don't say! I must admit...I have never been one for breakfast. I think that probably stems from the fact that I'm not a morning person. It has to, because I looooove brunch, which occurs at a much more decent hour.

But apparently, breakfast is a thing. For those of you following a low carb diet (we all are, right?), here are a couple breakfast options to help your morning go by a little more quickly. Enjoy!

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Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice (or cauli rice, as I often call it, because those two extra syllables can be a burden) is super versatile and the perfect accompaniment to almost any dish. It's weird -- I rarely ate rice before eating keto, but now I eat cauli rice about four times a week. Because of cauliflower's neutral flavor, you can adjust it to whatever you're eating. That means coconut ginger for Thai food, seasoned with coconut aminos for fried rice, and of course, cilantro lime for Mexican dishes. Try this rice as a standalone side dish or as the bottom layer in your homemade chipotle burrito bowl, and thank me later.

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Crispy Keto Eggplant Fries & Smoky Dipping Sauce

If the only way you've ever tried eggplant is parmesan, give these eggplant fries a chance. While the texture of eggplant parm is kind of meaty and hearty, the eggplant in these fries takes on a totally different note and gets crispy on the outside (thanks to an almond meal coating) and almost creamy on the inside. It's truly delicious! As a bonus, try them with the accompanying simple smoky dipping sauce.

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