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White Chocolate Rocket Fuel Latte (Non-Dairy Bulletproof Coffee)

By now, I'm sure you've heard about bulletproof coffee in one form or another. I've talked about it, that one hipster in your office has talked about it, your favorite celebrity has mentioned it offhandedly, and that coffee shop down the street has started selling it for outrageous prices. Everybody is buzzing about bulletproof. The three main ingredients -- grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coffee -- are proven fatbusters and brain boosters, so going bulletproof just seems like the right thing to do, right? But what if you can't have dairy?

Well, there are a couple options: one, you can sub ghee for the grass-fed butter. (For those who don't know, ghee is clarified butter -- basically butter with the dairy removed.) Or, you can try this delicious version, inspired by Leanne from Healthful Pursuit, that combines cacao butter and vanilla protein powder to make a morning drink that's better than anything Starbucks -- or that trendy cafe down the street -- sells. Prepare to be amazed! Whether you can have dairy or not, this drink is truly delicious.

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Italian Chopped Salad

Sometimes I get a craving for a slice of supreme pizza or an Italian sub. I always tell my clients -- anything you crave that is filled with carbs can be made keto. Literally, anything.

Today, I've transformed my favorite Italian sub into a delicious salad that captures all the same flavors with none of the carbs. All of the Have an additional topping that you like on your sub? Add that in, too!

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