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Microwave Poached Egg

Eggs become particularly useful when eating low carb. Besides the fact that they're full of nutrients, when you cook an egg with a runny yolk, it can serve dual purpose as a protein and a sauce. I don't know about you, but I find this quite handy, especially because many typical sauces (I'm looking at you, ketchup) can be loaded with sugar. I've found an egg with a runny yolk to be a perfect solution to this issue when eating burgers, for instance. But cooking a perfect egg can be time consuming and tricky. So how do we fix that?

Introducing microwaved poached eggs. If I'm only making one egg, this is absolutely the way I do it. It's quick, easy, and can be made in the background while you're cooking something else, so I see that as a win-win-win. An added bonus is that I can make eggs this way at work, allowing me to have freshly cooked eggs right when I want them, rather than heating one up later. If you like eggs with a runny yolk, you have to try this one.

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Poach a Chicken, Be a Meal Prep All Star

I’ll admit it—poached chicken probably sounds like the least exciting thing in the world. I mean, it used to be that when I heard “poached chicken,” I pictured some colorless, drab piece of meat that’s served to old people in sad nursing homes who no longer have taste buds or appetites. Seriously. But, Glow Getters, I was so wrong.

While poached chicken is probably not winning any “dish of the year” awards on its own, let me tell you: Poached. Chicken. Rocks. I get so excited about poaching my weekly/bi-weekly chicken because it’s the lifeblood of my meal prep. Let me explain. Basically, you toss a whole chicken in a pot with some water and vegetables for a little over an hour, and what comes out is the base of almost every dish you make that week. Are you getting excited yet? You should be.

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