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Low Carb Margarita

The star of Cinco de Mayo is, of course, the margarita. When made correctly, it is perfectly refreshing and oh-so-delicious. However, most bars whip up a sickly sweet concoction filled with sour mix, delivering a drink that can be in the neighborhood of 700 calories...or more. How's that for a diet buster? Especially because, really, who has just one?

However, don't let that scare you away from the festivities today. Instead, put your focus on the star of the margarita: tequila. Order this drink at the bar and cut almost all of the carbs and most of the calories out of the traditional Cinco drink. I encourage you, if your budget allows, to make this drink with top shelf tequila, not only because it will taste much better, but because cheap tequila is quite frankly, a cardinal sin. Now, let's get to the celebration!

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