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Carnivore Diet FAQs: You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

If there’s one thing that is likely unequivocally true for people who are eating a carnivore diet, it’s that people will ask you a million questions! It’s to be expected—it’s not every day you meet a person who only eats animal products. Below, I’ve compiled a list of questions I was asked most frequently about the carnivore diet, along with my answers. If you’re considering a carnivore diet, you may have these questions, too!

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9 Pantry Essentials I ALWAYS Have in My Pantry

There are two key components of maintaining a keto diet, in my opinion: figuring out a way to enjoy your favorite flavors that your palate still craves and getting in all the fats you need to truly make a diet ketogenic. A keto diet is, after all, a high fat diet.

While meats and veggies are the star of your diet, I like to think of the other items—oils, seasonings, accompaniments, etc.—as the supporting cast. Read on to find out what's in my supporting cast!

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Kick Chemicals to the Curb! How to "Eat Clean" in 2017

Products served at most fast food spots and lining the grocery aisles, what author Michael Pollan calls “food-like substances,” are filled with chemicals known to cause harmful effects in humans and lab animals alike, not to mention the added salts and sugars and the problems those bring.

Learn how common food additives can affect you, and hoe to avoid them.

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