How to Throw a Vision Board Party with Intention

Happy New Year, Glow Getters! If you are anything like me, you were more than ready to shake off the stank of 2017 and get a fresh start on 2018. I’m not usually the type to feel like the stroke of midnight on January 1 brings some mystical powers, but I’m 100% hoping that this time it did. Am I the only one who felt like 2017, albeit fast, was truly difficult?

Anyway, on to bigger and better things. I must say, I love starting a New Year. Although I don’t believe in some great erasing of past happenings, I do believe in the power of new beginnings. Whether it’s a move, a new job, a fresh coat of paint, a Monday, or a new hair color *ahem*...

I have purple hair now! :D

I have purple hair now! :D


...there’s just something about starting fresh that reinvigorates you. And a new year is the king of fresh starts!

Since 2014, I have been starting my new year off by throwing a Glow Getter vision board party, and let me tell you,’s one of my favorite events of the year. There’s nothing like getting your friends together, talking about your goals, and planning how to go after them. I’m always amazed at what my friends come up with and how their goals manifest themselves on their vision boards. Everyone leaves the function inspired and with a powerful reminder of the change they want to create in their lives. It’s awesome!

This year I realized...why am I not sharing this process with you, Glow Getters? You should feel this powerful energy, too! So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve found to be proven to throw a great vision board party, complete with a planning worksheet to help you make vision boards that are laser-focused and intentional.


Before the party:

1 // Set a date and location. I know, obvs. To be specific: Set a date for at least a few days out to ensure you get the participation you’d like, but also to give your guests time to think about their goals (more on that later). Also, you’ll want a place with lots of tables/open space to be able to lay the boards out and get slightly messy. You should plan on the party being at least three hours, which includes time for talking, browsing through magazines, cutting, and actual board assembly.

2 // Gather your vision board materials. You’ll need:

  • Foam boards for each guest – Sold at craft stores or in the arts section of superstores like Walmart and Target. (I don’t recommend posterboard because it can be flimsy.)
  • Scissors for each guest – Trust me, you’ll want at least one pair per guest. Nothing kills party momentum like having to wait for someone else to finish with their scissors to continue your board!
  • Glue Sticks for each guest – Ditto from above.
  • Old magazines – I personally gather these all year from various subscriptions, but if you haven’t, don’t fret—libraries and doctors’ offices are great places to get a cheap or free stack of magazines from different genres. You’ll want a few different genres because you don’t know what your guests’ goals are! As a rule though, womens’ magazines such as O, Self, and Cosmo tend to have the words and images a lot of people seem to shoot for on their vision boards.
  • A variety of stickers and letters

3 // Decide on your menu. Don’t worry, no one is suggesting a full-blown catered event. Light snacks and drinks are nice though, as your guests will be there awhile. Also, remember that most of your guests have likely just made some sort of health resolution for the new year (haven’t we all?), so try not to derail them too much! Have some healthy (but delicious!) snacks on hand so people don’t leave with regret. Oh...and a bottle of wine (or three) never hurt anybody either.

 4 // Send your planning worksheet. Yes, there’s homework! I’ve found that my guests make the best boards when I ask them to think about their goals before they come to the party. Otherwise, they’re cutting images from magazines willy-nilly, wasting their time and not leaving with a vision board that really visualizes anything but a hot mess. Download my Vision Board Planning Worksheet, send it to your friends, and have them fill it out before they come to the party. Have more on hand at the party in case you get some unexpected guests.

Day of the party

1 // Set the stage. Distribute groups of supplies around the room in little vision board stations. Spread the magazines evenly among the stations, although of course guests are encouraged to share the magazines to find their words and images.

2 // Set up your food and drink. 

3 // Crank up the playlist. It’s a party, right? Parties need music!

The Party

1 // After welcoming your friends, invite everyone to listen up and share the results of their Vision Board Planning Worksheets. The purpose of this is twofold: 1) It’s been proven that telling people your goals out loud helps to make them more real. Repetition will help your guests more likely to solidify their vision! 2) By sharing their goals, the other guests are more likely to be able to spot images that relate to other people’s visions, which boosters the sense of togetherness and also, frankly, cuts down on time and redundancy. Because efficiency is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, too, right? ;)

2 // Create your boards! Let everyone loose to create their physical manifestations of their new year visions. That means you, too!

3 // Share the boards. As the party comes to a close, invite your friends to show off their boards and talk a little about them, including how the imagines line up with their visions and where they’re going to display them to remind themselves of their new year plans.

4 // Photoshoot! Don’t forget to take lots of pics of you and your guests making your boards, and definitely snap some after with the boards.

After the party

1 // Share the goal-getting journey. You’ll hear many of your guests talking about similar goals, or will have noticed that some guests may have developed a special rapport with another. Encourage the guests to lean on each other by choosing accountability partners from the group. Or, do one even better, and keep the virtual party going by becoming an accountability group! You can keep in touch by creating a Facebook group to share progress, and make it official with my very thorough Accountability Partner Agreement.

2 // Pat yourself on the back. After your guests leave, of course! Congrats on throwing a dope party. And double congrats for helping your friends get that much closer to creating the life they desire. You go, Glow Getter!

Are you going to throw a vision board party to ring in the new year? What are your goals for 2018? Share them below and let us hold you accountable!