Weeks 5&6 Progress Report

Well hello there, Glow Getters! 

If you've been following along, you may notice that this status report is just a bit late. (Ok, maybe more than just a bit.) The reason? Life! As we all know, it happens. Before I start in with my excuses, let's take a look at the numbers:

Well would you looky there...a whopping .6 lbs down from the last report! That's not frustrating at all *eye roll*...

I must say though, I am glad of the downward trend, which I consider better than staying still, and DEFINITELY better than going up. So kudos for that. Also, not to keep talking about that DEXA scan I got awhile back, but it is very nice to know that although the scale is just b a r e l y moving, the possibility that I'm burning fat while gaining muscle is actually pretty high. Especially with all these workouts! Speaking of which, let's get into those.

Week Five


(Want your own tracking log? Download a copy to print for free!)

Well. First off, you see that as of Thursday, calorie tracking was nonexistent. That's due to the fact that I went to a conference for work on Thursday, and in between the continental breakfasts, catered lunches, and social events, tracking was just a hassle to be honest. Could I have done it? Sure, I could've guesstimated...but I wasn't comfortable with the accuracy I might have gotten, so I didn't. I did, however, keep it keto when possible (90% of the time), eating things such as berries, walnuts, and cream cheese for breakfast (this admittedly got some funny looks!), salads for lunch, and the more keto-friendly happy hour snacks such as marinated olives, chicken skewers, and veggies. 

Also, as you see, I kept my workouts up! That was one thing I committed myself to do, despite my busy schedule. I was able to do my non-weighted workouts at home on Thursday and Friday before I headed to the conference, and then it was back in the gym to get some booty boosting in on Sunday lol. My favorite workout!

Week Six


Another week of workouts on the books! If I'm not consistent with anything else, it's been getting up and getting my butt moving in the morning! On Sunday, I skipped my regular gym workout in favor of going to my godson's birthday party, in which I got in some serious moon bounce action. Let me tell you...the moon bounce will let you know if you're in shape. It's a GREAT workout, and not just fun for kids!

Sadly (?), there was no macro tracking this week. Why? I just got tired of it, if we're being completely honest. Tracking is a pain! I *highly* recommend it if you're just starting out, because you can get a far more accurate picture of what you're eating and if you're hitting your macros, but...I'm four years in on this thing. As you can see from my numbers over the week, I'm pretty consistent with my fat/protein/carb ratios, so I felt that relaxing on the tracking was ok for me. But if you're new to keto -- you should do it!

Part of the reason this update was so slow in coming is because I left that next week for my big vacation! And thus, ended my little experiment. Overall, I am not mad at the results...only 4 lbs down in 6 weeks, but as I mentioned at the start of the experiment, that was movement after months of stagnation, which followed a year of gain. So I am not mad at it! I think I learned some valuable lessons, and I'll be moving forward in the same vein, hopefully seeing improvements along the way!

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Catch ya later, Glow Getters!