Weeks 3&4 Progress Report

Hey there, Glow Getters! We've reached the halfway point of my little experiment! Let's take a look at the numbers so far:

The numbers are in: 3.4 lbs down! It just occurred to me that I didn't take any before pictures/measurements. Bad coach! I know better than most how important pics and measurements outside the scale are, but it totally slipped my mind. The way you eat and train can make a huge difference in appearance and health, even at the same weight.

Speaking of which, this time around I decided to really use you guys to get accountable, so I'm laying my numbers bare for you to inspect. Let's go over each week!

Week Three

(Want your own tracking log? Download a copy to print for free!)

Well, that didn't go as planned. While I did limit my dairy to 1x per day and I technically exercised 3+ days per week, I'll admit that I had three servings of Halo Top. The addiction is real! And in my defense, Shark Week was coming. One thing I don't do is deny my cravings when I'm pre-menstrual...dealing with the hormones is bad enough; frankly, I deserve a treat for my monthly suffering. 

I also failed to hit 130g of fat per day. But, I also didn't eat as many calories as I'm supposed (allowed?) to (1600) each day, so 130 wasn't quite necessary. I still kept my numbers around the 70/20/10 ratio that makes a diet ketogenic on most days, so I'm happy with those numbers.

You may be wondering why my calories are so low on some days, or why I skipped exercise completely at the beginning of the week. Honestly, I was falling asleep before I could eat a good dinner! I was so exhausted that I was sleep by 8 pm Sun-Weds. If I can offer you a word of advice, it's this: when your body says it needs sleep, listen. One day soon, I'll expand on how important sleep is for health and weight loss, but today I'll just leave it at that.

Also, I had a VERY GREAT bike ride on Sunday! I participated in the 2nd Annual DC Bike Ride and joined about 10,000 other riders cruising through the closed, car-free streets of DC. It was awesome! As I'd said last time, I am looking forward to getting back into cycling more again, and this was a beautiful day to get started. It reminded me of the 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC, except shorter and less scenic. I'm looking forward to Bike to Work Day this Friday! 

You'll also notice that I didn't track my food for Sunday, which was Mother's Day. Like a good daughter, I took my mother out to eat. I ordered sensibly, but I didn't have the energy to try to figure out the calorie count in MyFitnessPal. Ah, well.

Anyway, on to Week 4!

Week 4


As you might have noticed above, I actually gained weight this week. Only .2 lbs, but still. I could attribute that to various things, such as the fact that it was shark week, the fact that I was at conference in the latter half of this week and didn't track what I ate fully, or maybe I just gained some muscle from all the strength training I've been doing. Either way, it wasn't a really big deal to me, but I'm hoping to see a change in the next weigh-in. (For the record, I weigh myself on Friday mornings, stark naked, after my morning pee. I feel like it's when I'm the lightest!)

Now, I have some VERY exciting news! You'll remember that I started this whole thing because my weight was staying steady at around 170-171 all year, despite exercise and a decent diet, and that bummed me out. A couple months ago (February, to be exact), I did a DEXA scan at Composition ID here in DC so I could get very specific, measurable data in order to track my progress throughout the year. I'm so glad I did! (FYI, a DEXA scan is a very accurate test that measures fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content within the body. I wanted to know all the details!) 

I went for a follow-up scan on Saturday, and the news was awesome: while I was only down two lbs on the scale from my scan in February, I lost SEVEN POUNDS of body fat, while I'd GAINED five pounds of muscle. How cool is that??? It really goes to show you that you need to measure more than just the number on the scale to get a true measure of body health. It also stresses the importance of setting non-scale related goals—had I just been going by the (non-budging) number on the scale, I might have gotten discouraged and quit long ago. Instead, I set the goal back in March/April to exercise at least three times per week, and it is paying off! Also, the results of my DEXA scan were so encouraging that I think I'm actually going to push a little harder to see what I can achieve by my next scan in three months. It's high time I brought cycling back into the mix on a regular basis.

So, that's it for Week 4! I'll see you in a couple weeks with the latest and greatest. Until then, I wanna know...have you ever taken a DEXA scan? What did you think? Also, what ways do you measure success when the scale refuses to move? Share in the comments!