Whole30 Progress Report: The First Trimester

Note: I wrote this little essay my first time doing a Whole30 in January 2014 when my eating habits were NOT what they are today. Although I tried to eat salads and forced down oatmeal and things of that nature, prior to Whole30 I was eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) that many of you may eat. To say Whole30 changed my entire way of thinking of food would be an understatement. This time around, Whole30 is not such a shock to my system as it is not very different from the way I normally eat, but I remember it being a MAJOR adjustment at the time. So, I decided to post this today, on Day 10 of my current Whole30, because I felt people could relate to it! Hope you enjoy :)

Well, it’s day 10 of my Whole 30, or as I’m choosing to think of it, the end of my first trimester. Thinking of these thirty days as three separate parts has somehow been helping me through, giving me a feeling of accomplishment as I near the milestones and also serving to remind me that I’m closer to that ultimate goal. And it kind of can be compared to a pregnancy, right? Think about it.

The first trimester is both exciting and frightening: it’s simultaneously a feeling of adventure as you embark on a potentially life-changing journey, yet you can’t help but have some doubts — can I really do this? Am I ready for the changes? What if I f*ck this up completely? Also, as some have noted, it’s more than a little uncomfortable. You’re tired all the time. You’re cranky as hell from being deprived of some of your favorite things (I’m looking at you, wine). You feel abnormally bloated even though you’re doing everything right. So, understandably, I am glad to be moving to trimester 2.

By all accounts (and I’ve read many, including this handy timeline), the second trimester is a cake walk compared to the first. You’re in a groove, you know what works for you and what doesn’t, and you’re starting to get that “glow.” Also, now, people are starting to notice the changes in you. Maybe you have more pep in your step or a renewed sense of purpose in life, and it shows. Maybe—dare I say it?—your pants are fitting a little looser (speaking strictly whole 30 here. If you’re pregnant and your pants are looser, that would be decidedly bad, unless you bought bigger, more comfortable pants). You’re thinking to yourself at this point, hey, this thing ain’t that bad.

Third trimester. You’re in the home stretch and the finish line is near. And thank goodness, amirite? It’s been fun and exciting to have all these changes, but you’re a little ready to get back to your old life. But suddenly, you realize that your life will never be the same again, and that’s okay. You won’t be staying out all night throwing back gin and tonics, because that doesn’t really work for you anymore. Maybe it takes you a little longer to get out the door in the morning because you’re getting everything ready for the day, but it’s a small sacrifice for the rewards. You’re also allowing yourself to get excited right about now. What will you look like when it’s all said and done? Now you have a reason to buy some new clothes! You can’t wait to show off the results of all your hard work, and why not? You’ve earned it.

Now, I’ve never been pregnant, and as of right now, I’ve never completed a whole 30 yet, so I could be completely off base with all of this. Kind of like an unsuspecting new mom, right? But hey, so far, 1/3 in, this is how I choose to look at my adventure. And what an adventure it’s been!

Are you doing a whole 30? Tell me more about it! Was your experience complete different and you want to call BS on everything I said above? Tell me that, too! :)