Top 10 Reasons You Need a Health Coach

Let's face it: getting (and staying!) healthy can be hard. From knowing what to do to get into better shape to figuring out how to maintain your new habits so you don't fall back into old destructive patterns, sometimes you could use a little help. That's where a health coach comes in.

Different from a personal trainer or a nutritionist, a health coach focuses on more than what you eat and how to exercise.  While a health coach will likely cover that, your time with a health coach will also be spent focusing on reducing stress, improving relationships, getting better sleep, and improving overall quality of life. Read on to see some of the top ten reasons YOU may need a health coach.

1. You do everything right, but nothing seems to work.

You count your calories, watch your fat intake, and only eat whole grains, yet you’re still gaining weight or have low energy to tackle your day. A holistic health coach works with you to examine your diet and lifestyle — from your job to your relationships, your sleep habits, and everything in between — to help determine what obstacles have been keeping you from better health.

2. You’ve tried every diet in the book (or the Internet).

A health coach doesn’t teach you diets – instead, we help you make lifestyle changes. Most diets are restrictive, and leave you wanting things on a “forbidden” list. During our work together, I’ll teach you how to eat more healthfully without giving up your favorite foods.

3. Everyone around you is overweight or unhealthy.

Birds of a feather flock together. Unfortunately, this saying is true. Chances are the people around you are influencing your eating and activity habits. A health coach can teach you how to break out of familiar patterns and lead by example, encouraging the people around you to lead a more healthful life as well.

4. You want to eat better, but you don’t know how.

Maybe you grew up in a busy household where fast food and TV dinners graced the table every night. Maybe you’d never given any thought to the food you eat until you started experiencing digestive issues (acid reflux, ugh) or brain fog. Now you’re wondering, where do I start? Leave it up to a health coach to come up with an individualized eating and lifestyle plan that gets you on the track to a healthy body and mind.

5. You are stressed and over-committed with work or family responsibilities.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that people are busy. Whether you’re a single career woman or a mother of four, there are often responsibilities pulling us in every direction, leaving little time to focus on what to eat, let alone taking the time to prepare healthy meals. A health coach helps you learn the importance of taking time for yourself in order to be more present at work and home. In addition, a health coach can assist you to plan and prepare meals in a way that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

6. You’re overwhelmed with the amount and variety of nutrition advice in the world.

Nutrition can be as complicated as religion. Who knows what is right and what is wrong? Every day, new information comes out that conflicts with the information that came out the day before. The good thing is, a health coach guides you to figure out what’s best for you.

7. You want results, now.

This is a tricky one. Most of the time, when we’re ready for change, we want it NOW. However, most of us didn’t pick up these extra pounds or digestive issues overnight, and we won’t get rid of them that fast either. While there are some things a health coach will teach you that will garner almost instant results, a health coach will also help you learn that slow and steady actually does win the race.

8. You don’t have enough time for a healthy lifestyle.

Breathe in slowly. Now exhale. Repeat after me: My health is a priority in my life. Let’s face it — without our health, we are ill-equipped to conquer many of life’s tests, from meetings in the boardroom to the steps when the elevator’s out. A health coach teaches you how to make your health — and yourself! — a priority by introducing time-saving and self-care techniques that help you recharge so you can tackle life.

9. Your cravings control your eating habits.

You are not alone in this one. Many people suffer from addictions to food, and even more so in stressful times. A health coach can work with you not only to determine how to kick that cookie habit for good, but also to identify triggers for snack attacks and how to beat them.

10. You have a chronic, lifestyle-related disease and you want to reduce or stop your medicine.

This one, perhaps, is the most important. With $2.5 trillion spent on healthcare in the U.S. annually, being healthy is not only a priority for your life, but also for your wallet. A health coach can guide you through changes to help manage, improve, or eliminate many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it gives you a hint to the ways a health coach can help improve your overall quality of life. Interested in getting started? Drop me a line to learn more about how we can work together.